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Why 1771? 

The short answer is easy. 17 is my favorite number. Mirror it and you get 71.

The long answer gets into numerology, but I'll keep it simple: 

17 - is an independent business number

71 - is a number focused on building things that last for generations.

 Meet 1771 Designs (video interview)

Who is 1771?

I am 1771. I create the designs, press the shirts, run the website, fulfill your order and I'm quality control. I am also Matt Shapiro.

I believe clothing is more then an item you wear. Clothing is a way to express yourself. I am tired of wearing shirts that feature major cities such as New York, Los Angeles or Paris. My home is St. Petersburg. Its time we represent the 727 and the 813 (and now 656?) around the globe.

My designs start as photographs I have taken then edit in Photoshop. I print the designs and press them onto the apparel. All of my inks are either water-based or vinyl.

I wear the various designs you see, and like you, I want them to last awhile. All of my shirts are high quality, lightweight, 100% cotton.

My goal is to see my designs around town for many years and chances are pretty good I will say "thank you" if I see you rocking a design.

Thank you for your support. 

 - Matt