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I met Scott a few months ago during his battle with cancer. He was in the middle of a clinical  trial in hopes of finding a cure. Unfortunately the trial was not successful and Scott has decided to cease treatments and enjoy his time with friends and his family.
I was immediately drawn to Scott's positivity and strength. He accepted the cards he's been dealt and is making the most of his situation. His story inspired me to truly cherish each day and savor each moment.
I reached out to him in hopes of collaborating on a shirt to raise money and to share his story. We got to talking and it became clear how much he loves his family, his dogs and the Rays. 
Scott's daughter recently graduated with a degree as a veterinarian assistant - during her time in school she received financial assistance that allowed her to stay focused on her studies and continue her passion for helping animals. 
Scott decided the perfect use for the money raised was a scholarship to assist those getting a degree as a Vet Assistant. 100% of the proceeds from each shirt will be donated to allow another vet assistant to pursue their dreams of helping animals. 


  • Designed & Made in St. Petersburg
  • Shirts will ship on 5/9